Perfect Money in Pakistan

Perfect money is an online currency payment service. It has made online money transfer, deposit, and payments much easier in today’s online era. One can perform their proceedings fast and securely with the most inexpensive rates. This online money transfer service is owned and operated by internet users and owners of internet business. It aid in transferring money between members around the world, receive and transfer payments to business projects, day-to-day payments and, one can buy bitcoin, USD, EUR too. Most significantly, one can store funds in the account and can avail monthly interests too. This online currency is being accepted by different online platforms and stores which make it worthy to be used by different users for various purposes.

How to Buy Perfect Money in Pakistan?

PM dollars can also be purchased in Pakistan as well although it is not directly available so customers need to do their payments internationally and trade accordingly in Pakistan. But this opportunity would be offered by our most renowned platform You can simply buy e-currency by making an account in our platform and then sign in to avail most exciting prices. To buy or sell PM dollar, your account must be verified, hence it would cost less fee amount for this. You can buy it through Easypaisa, jazz cash, and bank account. Moreover, has given the golden chance of converting perfect money into other accounts like PayPal, skrill, neteller etc and you can learn about What is CryptoCurrency and where you can Buy a Cryptocurrency.

PM Services:

Internationally it deals in EUR and USD currencies to deposit and transaction purposes. And people around the world are being get advantages through their service because one can withdraw PM dollars from bank wire transfer to your own account.

Digital Wallet Accounts:

It provide four type of wallets for the ease of their customers.

  • Normal
  • Premium
  • Partner
  • Silver

Normal PM Wallet is owned by the new customers, while a customer who used PM services more than a year will get the premium wallet. Partner accounts are assigned to the customers who are willing to do their business to business payments. Lastly, silver accounts are owned by the customers who are using these services continuously for three years. These PM digital wallets are conveniently used by the customers with security to transfer, receive payments and can also store their payments in the account to avail monthly interest as well.

PM Fee Charges:

It charge 0.5% for the verified account with in the system and 1.19% for non-verified account transfer. Its conversion into other is charged according to the daily rates of Bitcoin, Euro, Gold and dollar rate. For bank wire withdrawal fee charge is 2.8% while for bitcoin withdrawal its 0.5%. And for all the accounts they charge 4% for a year.

Mobile apps are also available for Perfect money in Pakistan in IOS or android. So that customers can avail the services anytime and anywhere. It’s a good platform for the traders, but keeping in mind the fees charges. Also there is no card storage which makes it somehow questionable for the traders.

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